Gameplay and Mechanics

Cosmic Adventures Await: Take control of your spaceship and engage in thrilling combat with waves of enemy spacecraft and environmental obstacles. Experience a scrolling environment where you dodge obstacles, evade enemy fire, and shoot down incoming objects. As you progress, the challenges intensify, demanding upgrades to your spaceship to conquer the rising difficulty.

Masterful Mechanics:

Energy System: Manage hydrogen cells to fuel your spacecraft's progression. Spaceships regenerate some fuel daily, but consumption varies based on distance, spaceship type, and upgrades.

Agile Movement: Enjoy horizontal and vertical movement mechanics, allowing you to navigate your spacecraft up or down the screen with precision. Dash or speed boosts may be available for lightning-fast maneuvers.

Health and Damage: Survive cosmic battles with a health system. Upgrade your spaceship to extend your health pool and endure more challenges.

Epic Combat: Engage in dynamic combat mechanics, including attacking, blocking, dodging, and utilizing special abilities or weapons.

Resource Management: Strategically manage resources such as health, ammunition, or energy to succeed in your cosmic quests.

Quests and Objectives: Embark on thrilling quests and complete objectives like defeating bosses, finding rare items, or rescuing characters.

Crafting Wonders: Unleash your creativity with crafting mechanics that allow you to combine materials and resources, forging powerful items and equipment. Upgrade your fleet and even sell your creations in the in-game marketplace.

Explore the Cosmos: Traverse diverse in-game worlds, uncover hidden areas, unearth secrets, and overcome obstacles in your path.

Cosmic Cartography: Embark on a journey across a map composed of a hexagon grid. Each hexagon represents a spot where you can take a breather between levels. Progressing through the map introduces you to thrilling shoot 'em up action levels. The background visuals of the map indicate the level's enemies and obstacles. The further you travel from the starting point, the tougher the enemies and obstacles become, compelling you to upgrade your spaceship.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant and bustling in-game marketplace, a hub of excitement and opportunity. Engage in buying, selling, and trading your one-of-a-kind in-game NFT assets. Discover an astonishing array of NFTs representing extraordinary items, spaceship designs, awe-inspiring weapons, rare resources, and even collectible pilot figurines. From the incredibly valuable to the more common treasures, there's something for every aspiring adventurer. Dive into this player-driven economy and utilize $MBX Digital Tokens to participate, earning virtual currency that empowers you to acquire other remarkable NFTs or coveted in-game items.

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