Roadmap phases

Begin an enthralling adventure through the phases of development in our cosmic odyssey, charting a course toward a future brimming with excitement and innovation. The roadmap of "Moonbag explorer" unveils a series of captivating milestones that will redefine your gaming experience

Phase 1: Embark on Your Epic Journey!

The Base Game WEB version: Set foot in the mesmerizing Metaverse and prepare to be awestruck by its wonders.

Collect Astounding Assets: Uncover and gather an array of unique and valuable tokens as you explore this vast digital realm.

Ship Upgrades: Transform your spaceship into a cosmic masterpiece with an abundance of exciting upgrades.

Moonbag Events: Embark on thrilling quests within the Metaverse and stumble upon valuable tokens that will leave you positively starstruck.

Phase 2: Expanding Horizons, Infinite Possibilities!

Universe Expansion: Brace yourself for an ever-expanding universe, teeming with undiscovered realms and hidden treasures.

Ship Upgrades galore: Take your ship to new heights with a wealth of dazzling upgrades that will make you the envy of the galaxy.

Real Marketplace Magic: Immerse yourself in the excitement of trading assets in a vibrant marketplace, where incredible opportunities await.

Phase 3: Uncover Legends, Rule the Stars!

IOS and Android versions: Play the game on your favorite platform

Universe Expands Further: Prepare to venture deeper into the expanding universe, where legendary quests await your discovery.

Embrace Your Fleet: As your cosmic journey progresses, unlock the ability to command your very own fleet of magnificent ships, each with its own unique prowess.

Phase 4: Speed, Achievements, and Craftsmanship!

Spaceship Races: Engage in adrenaline-pumping spaceship races, where the thrill of speed and competition take center stage.

Achieve Greatness: Celebrate your triumphs and showcase your prowess with an intricate achievement system that rewards your cosmic feats.

Unleash Your Crafting Skills: Tap into your creative genius and craft extraordinary items that will set you apart in the vast expanse of the Metaverse.

Phase 5: Clash, Triumph, and Eternal Glory!

Engage in Cosmic Combat: Prepare for heart-pounding battles as you challenge fellow players in thrilling player-vs-player combat.

Rise to the Top: Test your skills and compete in exhilarating tournaments that will catapult you to the pinnacle of cosmic fame.

Join us on this extraordinary journey through the cosmos, where each phase of the roadmap brings new adventures, limitless possibilities, and boundless joy. Get ready to immerse yourself in a universe of endless delight and create your legacy among the stars!

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