How to Earn

In "Moonbag explorer" your path to prosperity knows no bounds, with numerous avenues awaiting your exploration and conquest. Here are some exhilarating ways to fill your pockets with tokens:

Daily Delights: Come back every day and watch your bonus grow like a shooting star!

Invite & Win: Spread the cosmic joy by inviting friends using your referral code, and receive amazing rewards in return.

Daily Missions: Embark on exciting daily missions and unlock stellar treasures along the way.

Moonbag Events: Be part of the cosmic excitement and enter our premium contest for a chance to win breathtaking prizes that will leave you completely starstruck.

Stake $MBGX: Harness the power of staking to earn even more $MBGX tokens and watch your cosmic wealth multiply.

Marketplace Marvels: Sell your in-game assets in the marketplace and discover a universe of profitable opportunities.

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