Object Types

Inventory Items:

1. Quest Items: Collect special items that are crucial for completing exciting quests and unlocking thrilling adventures.

2. Crafting Materials: Gather a variety of materials to fuel your creative spirit and craft extraordinary items that will set you apart.

3. Equipment: Gear up with powerful equipment to enhance your abilities, boost your performance, and conquer new challenges.

Equipment Slots:

1. Weapons: Unleash the full potential of your arsenal by upgrading your weapons for maximum power, precision, and devastating firepower.

2. Shields: Fortify your defenses with enhanced shields that provide superior strength, increased capacity, and lightning-fast recharge speed.

3. Engines: Take your speed and agility to the next level as you upgrade your engines for mind-blowing velocity and seamless maneuverability.

4. Hull: Strengthen your ship's hull to withstand relentless attacks, endure more damage, and emerge victorious in epic battles.

5. Energy Systems: Harness the power of advanced energy systems to fuel your weapons and shields, allowing you to unleash unstoppable force for extended durations.

6. Sensors: Sharpen your senses with upgraded sensors that grant you unparalleled precision in tracking and detecting enemy ships, while supercharging your weapon accuracy.

7. Navigation Systems: Upgrade your navigation systems to effortlessly navigate through the vastness of space, evade obstacles with finesse, and discover optimal routes to your destination.

8. Cargo Capacity: Expand your cargo capacity to become the ultimate space hauler, allowing you to carry a vast array of weapons, equipment, and resources for epic battles and boundless exploration.

9. Wings Enchantments: Enhance your wings with captivating enchantments that grant you unmatched maneuverability, making it nearly impossible for enemies to lay a finger on you.

10. Stealth Enchantments: Embrace the shadows and equip stealth enchantments to cloak your ship, rendering it elusive and undetectable, enabling surprise attacks and tactical advantages.

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