How to spend

As you travel through universe of "Moonbag Explorer," your hard-earned tokens become the key to unlocking a universe of possibilities. With these tokens at your disposal, you hold the power to shape your destiny and enhance your cosmic adventure in a multitude of captivating ways:

Upgrade Extravaganza: Enhance your spaceship with dazzling upgrades that will make you the envy of the galaxy.

NFT Nirvana: Acquire exclusive in-game NFTs that unlock unparalleled cosmic wonders and add a touch of stardust to your collection.

Energy Empowerment: Fuel your adventures with more energy, allowing you to explore distant realms and conquer new frontiers.

Marketplace Magic: Dive into the marketplace and indulge yourself with a variety of incredible in-game assets that will elevate your gameplay to celestial heights.

Acquire In-Game Items: Equip yourself with powerful items and enchanting power-ups that will propel you to victory.

Staking Sensation: Stake $MBGX: Embrace the spirit of cosmic investment and stake your $MBGX tokens, unlocking a cosmic realm of rewards and prosperity.

Join us in Moonbag Explorer, where the $MBGX token opens the doors to boundless excitement, thrilling adventures, and celestial treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Let the cosmic journey begin!

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